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Video: Deploying Wordpress on Multiple Load-Balanced Servers on Amazon EC2

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I gave this brief talk about deploying a high-traffic Wordpress site on EC2 in Fall 2011 at the Gainesville Hackerspace. The content discussed here can be considered a follow-up to my post on solving a file-synchronization issue when deploying Wordpress across multiple servers on EC2.

As an addendum to the video:

While I no longer work with the employer whose application I was describing as “done the most wrong way possible”, I’m happy to say that I was able to talk them into letting me burn it down and re-implement it from scratch.

Interestingly, when I rebuilt the application properly, it was so dramatically more efficient that the multiple server deployment system described here was no longer even necessary. (What at one point required 3 X-Large servers was able to be scaled back comfortably to a single Large server.)

With that said, for the time we needed it, this deployment system served our needs admirably.