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Introducing Foresight - A Wordpress Security Plugin

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I recently published a new plugin to the Plugins Directory. I call it Foresight. It is available for download here:

Foresight is a simple plugin that serves a simple purpose: it helps blog administrators to stay current on known exploits for Wordpress and for Wordpress plugins.

When you install Foresight, a “Foresight” sub-menu will be added to your admin menu under “Tools”. If you click on that link, you’ll see a tabbed window, into which are loaded several exploit trackers. All but one of these ( will display the newest Wordpress exploits by default.

Here is a screenshot:



Using this plugin is simple: when you log in to your site to do your typical admin stuff, take a moment to look through the tabs. If you find new exploits on plugins that you use on your own blog, take the “appropriate action” (which may range from doing nothing to uninstalling the plugin).

Foresight’s goal is to give you “foresight” into what exploits may be coming your way, and to give you time to prepare for them. It’s available for free download in the Plugin Directory, and is also mirrored on Github.